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CSS Light Web Gallery
  • Drawings: Meda Norbutaite

    Web solution: inCube

  • On the city square waiting for a flood, somewhere between the tiles, sheltered beneath ice and sand, standing on its edge, there’s a grey coin expecting its new finder. No doubt, someone sees it, wipes it clean and appraises it before sliding it deep in the pocket.


    How long the voyage takes – that’s a secret. Maybe it ends up in a store checkout or clenched in the hungry vagabond’s palm or waits half a year just to be dropped into a fountain of a faraway town. Yet maybe it skips all the travelling slipping through a pocket-hole back onto the city square and doing a slow rollaway into somewhere between the tiles to find shelter in the never-ending ice and sand.


    Jonas Krivickas - voice, guitar

    Paulius Rukas - bass

    Marius Leiburas - drums